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Name That Item!

Custom products are just better. Say goodbye to tacky old items that all look the same – it’s time to embrace custom-made products. What’s the difference you ask? Here at UCorp, we’ll break down the top 3 reasons why you … Continue reading

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The Right Season and Ways for Giving Gifts

Christmas is here, followed quickly by New Year’s. For many businesses, this is the time to reflect upon the company’s performance throughout the year. Who did they work most closely with, who were the difficult clients and which ventures were … Continue reading

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Corporate Gifts

Every year, most companies would organize a dinner and dance event. This event is used to celebrate the progress of the company and motivate employee by treating them to a nice dinner. As time goes by, a dinner and dance … Continue reading

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Viability of Corporate Gifts

There are many companies in Singapore that have corporate events to celebrate their company’s anniversary or even a milestone that they have achieved. There are many preparations that need to be done; even door gifts and corporate gifts have to … Continue reading

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